Session Handouts

Texas AEYC has asked presenters to provide electronic copies of session handouts ahead of time so that conference participants may download them prior to conference.  While it is likely that many presenters will provide hard copies during their session(s), the following handouts are ready and available for download (please note adobe reader is required to view these files):

Dr. Joe Frost
Playground Checklist

Bernadette Harris and Anna Parker
Now Showing! “After the Screaming Stops” – Starring Bernadette Harris and Anna Parker

Beth Alberts
Texting, Sexting, What’s Next?: Keeping children safe in the Cyberworld – Handout 1
Texting, Sexting, What’s Next?: Keeping children safe in the Cyberworld – Handout 2

Dr. Maggie McGuire
Monsters (handout 1)
Monsters (handout 2)

Cami Miller
The Winning Coach

Peggy Osborne
Nannie Nannie Boo Boo:  Turning Hurtful Talk into Helpful Communication

Susan Hedge (NAEYC)
Accredited Program Support

Scholarship Postcard
Streamlining Classroom Portfolio Evidence

Drs. Mark & Evia Davis
Why Use Multiculture Literature

Carolyn Allison & Saundra Franshier
“Get Down on it” Moving With Music for Academic Excellence!

Megan L. Van Meter, MA, LPC-AT, ATR-BC
Art, the Brain, and the Child: Creativity as a Means of Promoting Development and Communication 

Kathy Byrd
Highly Effective Classroom Management

Meenakshi Chintapalli
Early Experience, Brain Networks, Behaviors and Impact On Education

Cassandra Guerrero
Fire Proof Children

Norma Leben
Application of Play Therapy:  Techniques with Hyperactive Young Children

Marianne Gibbs
Fine Motor Skills… Write Out of the Box!®

Marilou Hyson, Ph.D.
Faculty Teaching Modules: Resources for You and Your Students

Sugandha Jain
No Pride in Prejudice: Teaching Children the Value of Diversity

Melissa Dilworth, LPC-AT/S, ATR-BC, RPT/S
Promoting Mental Wellness

Monica Allen-Nelson
Let’s Be Professional Please!

Jennifer Hernandez
Science in the Classroom for Infants & Toddlers