Nonprofit Success 101 – Featuring Candyss Bryant!

If you work for or serve on a nonprofit board of directors, this training is a MUST!

Date:  Thursday, September 30th
Time:  1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Cost:  $15


Many organizations are focused on their mission and serving the children in their program.  But, if they forget to operate within their legal structure — things can and will be disastrous.  If you are a volunteer leader for your local affiliate or any local nonprofit—-come to this session and understand your responsibility as a volunteer board member as well.

 This session will explore and define some of the most important dynamics of a nonprofit organization: the role, responsibilities and expectations of, and between, the Board of Directors, Officers, volunteers, the Executive Director, and Staff.  How these key organizational players interrelate and work together, individually and within groups (such as committees) defines and determines much of a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness and ability to safely navigate the complexities of organizational management and governance.

 About Candyss Bryant

Candyss Bryant has more than ten years of experience in nonprofit development and management as both a professional and volunteer. Currently, she serves as the coordinator of Austin Community College’s Center for Community-Based and Nonprofit Organizations (ACC CCBNO) and the President of Georgia’s ROCA Resources, Inc. Bryant recently found her way to Austin, Texas, from Columbus, Georgia, with her husband Rodney and daughter Jasmin. She is a Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations consultant (TANO c3) and remains an active consultant in the state of Georgia.

Bryant began her professional career in Columbus, Georgia, as a marketing director for a start-up Women’s Professional Fastpitch Softball League. While working full-time positions with the National Infantry Association, Columbus State University and Goodwill Industries, she began independently consulting in 1999 and later developed ROCA Resources in 2001. It was during this time that she began training and instruction for hospitality classes and nonprofit training classes with an emphasis in strategic planning, board governance and special event planning. Bryant is the original founder and coordinator of Columbus, Georgia’s Nonprofit Academy.

Candyss is committed to nonprofit excellence through capacity building efforts through strategic thought and planning. She has facilitated and or provided assistance to leadership gatherings, coalitions, boards of directors, planning committees, resource developers, nonprofit professional groups, conference organizers, event managers and many others.

Bryant has had the honor and opportunity to serve many businesses and organizations with her impeccable organizational skills and broad knowledge of various business services. Currently, Bryant works extensively with the United States Army RANGERS to produce the Best Ranger Competition as seen on ESPN, OLN, the Discovery channel and in publications such a Sports Illustrated. Bryant’s event experience includes collegiate athletics at Ohio University and varying professional sports arenas. With Bryant’s leadership and guidance, ROCA Resources, Inc. developed the Chattahoochee Valley Adventure Challenge that debuted in Columbus, Georgia, March 19, 2005.

Although Bryant is new to the Austin community, her dedication to civic responsibility is noted through various community service projects and initiatives. She is a past chairman of the Columbus Children, Youth and Family Coalition (a Family Connection collaborative) and the Community Assets and Critical Issues steering committee for a collaborative effort spearheaded by United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley and the Columbus Children, Youth and Family Coalition. Bryant has also served on the executive committee of the Muscogee Educational Excellence Foundation. Other recent community service projects include: Committee assignments for Covering Kids and Families and the Department of Juvenile Justice.